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This mat is incredible!! It’s so pretty and soft, plus so versatile. We eat, color, get messy with sensory bins, newborn tummy time.... everything! It’s so easy to clean, plus I love that it’s vegan!!


I initially bought this mat to go under my 7 month olds highchair because let’s be honest kids are messy. I did not expect this mat to be as amazing and versatile as it is. Beautifully packaged, soft as butter and stylish AF but that is equally matched with incredible durability and WIPEABILITY (ya I just made that word up but if you know, you know). In any given day we use our Main Mat for meals, outdoor picnics, crafts, sensory play and the list goes on and on. As a mom of 3 kids under 4 I often gets asked what baby/kid gear I use the most and My Main Mat is definitely at the top of that list!


Absolutely obsessed with our Main Mat in stone. It’s perfect for indoor activities that could be potentially messy but also amazing for outdoor picnics or just to soak up the sun! I take our mat everywhere with us and I always get compliments on how soft and beautiful it is. The mat is so easy to clean which is a huge factor for us! Toddlerhood has really tested the durability of this mat and so far it’s been super easy to clean and looks as good as the first day we received it! Can’t wait to order more!!


I had been searching for a mat for three years and had never found one that met my strict criteria until now. The Stone colour is beautiful and extremely soft. Both my boys love it so much that I had to buy a second one so that they can each have their own. I also love that it is vegan and doesn’t contain toxic materials!


I was SO excited to find a Canadian company to purchase a multiuse mat like this from. And I cannot believe it's vegan as well! It is so soft, and feels amazing. We've used ours outside and in, and I am so impressed. I also love the handy tote bag it comes with! Gorgeous. I've already purchased another one.


Let me start by saying I have a learned a number of brands of mats in the hopes to contain the mess it is for my baby now toddler in our apartment that has all carpet and I can say with full confidence that Teri Co is the absolute best of all of the brands I’ve tried. Major highlights for me include that it is vegan as we are vegetarian family and that it is baby soft and lays flat on any surface. Added bonus is that it’s neutral in any room so it doesn’t need to be moved or put away as it looks classy and “adult” after a quick wipe down. I started with Slate and have Bone on the way and will be trying to snag Honey at the next drop!


These mats have been amazing for the fall photo season! I love how they photograph and match my couples and families outfit choices. They are awesome because I can take sitting or laying shots and not have to worry if the clients are getting wet or dirty! I take them with me to every photo session!


We love our Main Mat and use it for so many things. We’ve used it for picnics, sensory play, arts and crafts and so much more. It’s a wonderful size and really well made. My favorite features though are that it’s super easy to clean and it’s buttery soft. Cannot wait to add more to our collection!


Not only is the mat HUGE, but it is great for all the lunchtime picnics my toddlers love to have on our carpet. Super easy to clean, soft, and durable! Will most definitely be adding this to my list of things all parents need!